1. That’s right we spin records! Join La Movida and get your slipmats for $18 a pair with the code: LAMOVIDA on┬áhttp://store.mixmats.com/product/souleros-ball-custom-mixmats

  2. Be sure to pick up your copy of Teen Angels Magazine on www.soulerosball.bigcartel.com

  3. Gotta teach them young #Chicanopower #cholos

  4. Orale! Our final draft of our new SBR Placa celebrating 5 years of La Movida 2009-2014. Inspired by @lilces_hwd and old school Duke of Earl flyer in HWD, Califaz taken from a pattern originally drawn by @uycucuy back in 1980-81. Final draft redrawn by The Homeboy Mad #sbr5yearanniversary #chicanoart #SBRplaca

  5. Working on next year’s 5 year anniversary CD. Here’s the CD Cover. Who’s collection would you like to hear on this CD? Red and black permanent marker and fine point pen on Brown 45 sleeve by: The Homeboy Mad No patterns. #soulerosball5yearanniversary #chicanoart

  6. Doing some sketching with the mijo. MOUSIE, SHARKY Y LA DAISY By The Homeboy Mad #chicanoart

  7. #soulerosballrevue #sbr

  8. SxBxR hit up flipped up A’s hat w/Green Bill. Sharpie and Paint Pen By The Homeboy Mad #soulerosballrevue #sbr

  9. "UNDER THE STREET LAMP" SOULEROS BALL RIFA 1st draft of our new placa. Members only. Inspired by Lil Cesar de HWD and an old school VO Duke of Earl flyer in Hayward.

  10. All a youngster has to look forward to behind the walls